Saturday, April 27, 2013

17 + 59 + 6 = scenic views and crumbling relics

Is it possible that you are wondering where I am?  Having set out with the best of intentions, I find myself falling woefully behind in my travel blog.
There are so many ways to look at this trip but by the end of the day I am looking for a good night's sleep.

I meant to tell you about arriving in Warren late at night.  First of all,  if you are traveling west on 17 (the future 86) after dark on a Sunday night, it is wise to thnk about how few exits with gas stations there are once you pass Sayre.  Of the few, how many are within a mile of the exit and open.  Oh, I was lucky.  The orange light hadn't yet blinked by the time I pulled up to a pump.  I just hate to play see if you can make it!

Plunging into Pennsylvania the night was aglow, like a sci-fi city, in Bradford and later in Warren with the lights from the refineries.  There were also a few bear crossing signs.  Deer, tractor and horse signs are not uncommon along country roads, but this woke me right up.  I would not gladly cross a bear.
After that, the road to Warren was taken at a cautious pace and I passed more deer than cars.

After my wonderful day in Warren, which you already know about, I wanted to see route 59 in the daylight.
Kinzua Dam was the scenic highlight along with some surprise vistas. 

[random thought:  There is also a Kinzua, Oregon, near the town of Fossil, where my great auntie Babe lived.]

59 connects with 6, one of my favorite PA routes and that took me to the scene of a very unusual house.
Just west of Port Allegheny is a Usonian-style house in a sad state of disrepair.  The growing pines now tower over the horizontal lines of what must have been a majestic spread with a beautiful view.
A spooky counterpoint to this modern design is in Coudersport. 
Gomez and Morticia would feel right at home.

 All this along the way to Elkland and Mansfield. 

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