Monday, May 13, 2013


                                                                                                              Week 3  Day 7 April 14, 2013
Central Library
This is the grand central entrance of the Parkway Central Free Library of Philadelphia, on Vine Street.  It is larger than several of the rural libraries that I visited.  In fact you might be able to
squeeze in three or four, sideways or stacked.  This is only the entrance.  Beyond are hallways leading to rooms filled floor to ceiling with books.  Downstairs is the Childrens section with wild foot prints that meander to a sunlit basement with an abundance of books and readers.  I got to visit with lots of young readers and their grown-ups. 
Many thanks to Christine Caputo and Rachel Fryd who created a great show for families who came for an afternoon of music and stories.  The music was fantastic, so I was told, and the stories were read with gusto, but alas, the author was stuck on the Schuylkill crawling in traffic at a rate of two miles an hour.
It pains me to have missed the chance to connect with all the families who had come out on that glorious Sunday afternoon.  It's right up there in the worst nightmare category with showing up at the wrong place or on the wrong date.  Apologies to all and gratitude to Chris and staff for ensuring that the show did, indeed, go on.

A beautiful Baby Reader
who came with her brother
and Grandmother and stayed to chat.  

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