Friday, May 17, 2013

Full speed ahead for Reading

READING IN READING                WEEK 3   DAY 8  APRIL 15, 2013       
At the Reading Library I reconnected with Bronwen Gamble, and we welcomed
a busload of boys and girls.

Initially we'd set up the projector and screen but decided that show and tell would be cozier for the group.  This was going well except for one fellow who really wanted to see a movie.  There was a screen, he reasoned, so where was the movie?  I'm pretty sure that if his mother asks him about the visit to the library he'll say it was OK but there was no movie. 
It was a treat to have Mayra Sepulveda read Nuestro Autobus with me.  She really played the crowd and got all the laughs.  I love to hear my words in another language. 
Despite getting excellent directions to our next stop, sometimes it helps to have a co-pilot. 
Thanks Jeanette!
And thanks to my friend Susan Magee-Bibi for introducing me to Jicama with lime - a crisp, fresh root that I've since shared with my friends at home.  The last time we were together we had enchiladas at a lunch wagon and they were the best ever. 
Thanks, Susan, for broadening my culinary world. 
Can you believe this view? The haze of pink blossoms takes my breath away.  This is the approach to the Brandywine Community Library in Topton. 
The audience ranged in age from 4 to 80, from area pre-schools and the adjacent Lutheran Home.
There was enough daylight for a leisurely drive to Glen Mills but Garmin Girl had something else in mind.  Take the highway?  OOOOh noooooo.  Is it possible that, like HAL in 2001, she knows me a little too well?  Knows how much I love a ribbony, serpentine road?  Scary thought.
That being said, here's the diner on Rt. 100 that made me turn around for a photo.  Maybe next time, I'll stop for a bite or at least to learn why it's called The Pied Piper.

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