Tuesday, May 7, 2013

SCHOOL, LIBRARY, CHURCH...STORIES                                       Week 2   Day 5  April 10, 2013

We gather together to share stories.  Children may be at their school, like Susquehanna Community or Blue Ridge or Forest City, all ready to listen.  Or they may have walked over to St. Paul's in Montrose, where the acoustics in the large community room are excellent and the children's librarian was a great partner.  We sang and talked together.  We all but danced together.  We thought of taking our act on the road...like Abbott and Costello.
I am grateful to the teachers and librarians who prepared their children so well to listen and participate.
A recent chat with my friend Anna McQuinn, (UK publisher and author of Lola at the Library, pub. by Charlesbridge) helped me understand why repetition in kids' books is desirable and necessary.  Children are absorbing information at a most rapid rate and have little control over their world.  If you have read a book to your child 100 times, after that initial read, they have 99 new chances to get it right and to delight in their mastery.  I hope The Bus for Us provides that satisfaction, over and over and over again...

Lynn Lee House, New Milford, PA.
A profusion of crocus lined the path to the Lynn Lee House in
New Milford.  Now I know why people iron sheets.  Not that I
ever will.
I was treated to a new spring at every region.  Depending on the
 latitude or altitude it was bursting or barely there.

Can a library be adorable?  New Milford, PA.

Dinosaurs?  Definitely adorable:  Forest City


Librarians have vast resources at hand and with a huge territory to cover, they need to know the best backroads.  And let me tell you those back roads from Montrose to Forest City were the rolliest, twistiest, most fun I've ever driven.  My sons know they will never get me on another amusement park roller coaster, but as soon as we'd arrived, I wanted to do it all over again.  Not to mention, we passed a buffalo herd.  And you know what Roger Miller said: 
"You can't roller skate in a buffalo herd
but you can be happy if you want to."

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