Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wayne's Library World

WAXING ELOQUENT in WAYNE CO. Week 2  Day 6  April 11, 2013

There is no “as the crow flies” in PA. 

Even they swoop

up and down the mountainsides,

while mere mortals drive the roller coaster hills

in tilt-a-whirl teacups.
Meet two new stylish friends from Honesdale.  On the left is my artist friend, Kaylee and on the right is another friend wearing my favorite footwear, pink cowgirl boots!


Wayne County Community Library, Honesdale

Northern Wayne Community Library, Lakewood

Hawley Public Library was also on the visiting list for an evening presentation.  And I discovered that their director has a sister, a children's librarian in fact, in Scranton whom I met on the last tour!  Small world?  Not really when it comes to the world of libraries. 
A very young listener who is already applying
the core standards to his favorite book.

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